Framework for developing the future force.

Think: Establish a sound conceptual foundation for Army modernization.
Learn: Conduct rigorous experiments, wargames, and assessments to learn in a focused, sustained, and collaborative manner.
Analyze: Focus prioritized efforts on first-order military challenges.
Implement: Deliver integrated DOTMLPF-P solutions to improve combat effectiveness of the current and future force.


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The Strategic Value of Conventional Land Forces


Wars today are fought for the same reasons the Greek historian Thucydides identified nearly 2,500 years ago: fear, honor, and interest. Many of the difficulties encountered in strategic decision making and operational planning stem from a neglect of continuities in the nature of war. The cultural, social, econom [...]

Unified Quest

Human Performance Seminar

The future operational environment, the changing character of war and how the Army will fight in 2035-2050 present challenges to future forces that may require new ways to recruit, assess, train, and educate Soldiers, leaders and civilians. The Army needs an understanding of the attributes future forces require to maintain overmatch in the physical, mental and moral components of human performance of [...]

International Army Programs

Royal Navy visits TRADOC

Rear Adm. John Clink, Flag Officer Sea Training, Royal Navy, United Kingdom, pauses for a photo with Dave Paschal, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command deputy G-37, Nov. 1 at TRADOC headquarters on Fort Eustis, Virginia. Clink visited TRADOC to discuss the Army Learning Concept, or ALC 2015, and gained an understanding on the governance and strategy required for the implementation and sustainment [...]


Forum for Innovative Novel & Discovery (FIND)

Capabilities Information Exchange (CIE)

Army Warfighting Challenges

The Warfighters’ Science and Technology Needs

Multi-Domain Battle

Multi-Domain Battle: Ensuring Joint Force Freedom of action


US Army TRADOC November 30, 2016

Developing the Future Force, Part 1

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley discusses the service's vision for its future force, challenges and opportunities.

Jen Judson October 6, 2016

Developing the Future Force, Part 2

US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley discusses his role in multi-domain operations and the service's vision for its future force.

Jen Judson October 6, 2016


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November 3, 2016

CSM Davenport Speaks NCO Development Town Hall 3

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May 18, 2016

Harbingers of Future War: Implications for the Army with Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

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March 16, 2016

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ARCIC In The News

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