The ARCIC develops concepts, learns, and integrates capabilities to improve our Army and ensure the effectiveness of the Joint Force.

A team of trusted professionals who collaborate, learn, and innovate to turn ideas into valued outcomes and ensure that the Joint Force wins in future armed conflict.

Purpose: Innovate to ensure that Army forces are prepared to provide multiple options for combatant commanders; present multiple dilemmas to enemies; integrate efforts of multiple partners; and operate [...]

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Is the Conduct of War a Business?

Milan Vego, PhD
4th quarter, 2010

“What I want to suggest here is the persistent human temptation to make life more explicable by [...]

Army Warfighting Challenges


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Developing a vision of future conflict

Senior Army leaders met Sept. 7 at Joint Base Andrews, Md., to discuss the insights from Unified Quest and the Campaign of Learning. TRADOC Commanding General David Perkins hosted the four-hour discussion attended by Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and several other senior Army leaders. They discussed the Army Campaign of Learning, results from the Unified Quest Deep Fut [...]

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Framework for developing the future force.

Think: Establish a sound conceptual foundation for Army modernization.
Learn: Conduct rigorous experiments, wargames, and assessments to learn in a focused, sustained, and collaborative manner.
Analyze: Focus prioritized efforts on first-order military challenges.
Implement: Deliver integrated DOTMLPF-P solutions to improve combat effectiveness of the current and future force.
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STAND-TO! Unified Challenge 16.2

What is it?
Unified Challenge is the U.S. Army’s experimentation program that explores the concepts and capabilities the Army needs to meet future challenges. This campaign, led by the Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Army Capabilities Integration Center Concept Development and Learning Directorate, is a continuing effort to examine the requirements needed to build an agile and adaptive future Army of 2030. This program supports the 39th chief of staff of the Army’s second priority, the future Army.

Unified Challenge 16.2, conducted July 31 through Aug. 12, is an Army-level experiment that will look for new ways to organize and operate in the years 2025 through 2030. Commanders and staffs from across the Army, along with sister services, U.S. government and multinational partners will explore these new ways in a future realistic and complex scenario. After rigorous analysis, the results of this event will lead to recommendations for consideration by senior Army leaders.

TRADOC July 26, 2016
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JLTV Will be US Army’s Interim Light Recon Vehicle
Jen Judson May 12, 2016
Defense News Read
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Interactive workshop discusses negotiation tactics
Michelle Eberhart April 28, 2016
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Senior Department of Defense officials applaud NIE
Vanessa Flores October 23, 2015 Read
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A New Way To Command: Army Links Its Networks
Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. October 17, 2015
Breaking Defense Read
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Mock-Combat Exercises Assess Latest Technologies
Kris Osbourne October 9, 2015
Warriors Scout Read
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US Army Wants More Firepower across Formations, General Says
Matthew Cox September 17, 2015 Read

The U.S. Army’s Human Dimension Strategy

Given the current realities of reduced budgets with no reduction in security requirements, the Army has placed emphasis on the Human Dimension (HD). The U.S. Army Human Dimension Concept (May 2015) defines HD as the cognitive, physical, and social components of Soldier, Army Civilian, leader, and organizational development and performance essential to raise, prepare, and employ the Army in unified land operations. The concept calls for the Army to focus on human performance optimization—the process of applying knowledge, skills, and emerging technologies to improve and preserve the capabilities of our human capital to execute essential tasks.

CAC June 25, 2015
Combined Arms Center Read

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