Framework for developing the future force.

Think: Establish a sound conceptual foundation for Army modernization.
Learn: Conduct rigorous experiments, wargames, and assessments to learn in a focused, sustained, and collaborative manner.
Analyze: Focus prioritized efforts on first-order military challenges.
Implement: Deliver integrated DOTMLPF-P solutions to improve combat effectiveness of the current and future force.



ARCIC Overview (Video )


Reading #139

Grant’s Disengagement from Cold Harbor (pages 176-209 found in the book Cold Harbor to the Crater)

Acting Director Major General Robert “Bo” Dyess’ Comments:


In the future operating environment, state and non-state threats, enemies, and adversaries will attempt to disrupt what they perceive as U.S. advantages across all domains (i.e. land, maritime, aerospace, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum). While long-range strike and offshore capabilities remain important to joint force oper [...]

Unified Quest

UQ17 Core Planning Group

The third preparatory event for the UQ17 Deep Future Wargame, the "Core Planning Group," saw the development of operational approaches for three joint task forces which will examine how to create and exploit temporary windows of advantage, build and sustain resilient formations, and conduct operations in complex and urban terrain. An additional working group focused on solving anti-access/area denial problems. To prepare them for their tasks, all participants received information on multi-domain battle, the future operational environment, Army Functional Concepts, and scenario-based threats. The attendees used short situational training exercises (STXs) to familiarize them with friendly future formations and cap [...]

International Army Programs

Israel Defense and Armed Forces Attaché to the United States, visit to TRADOC HQ

Major General Michael Edelstein, Israel Defense and Armed Forces Attaché to the United States, received a warm welcome from the General Perkins, Commanding General TRADOC on his first visit to TRADOC Headquarters 28 March 2017. GEN Perkins and MG Edelstein shared their views on the current and future direction of their Armies. The visit reinforced the importance of the bilateral Future Battlefield Annual Talks (FBAT) conducted annually in June between the U.S. and Israel to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, common challenges and lessons learned from both armies. [...]


'Mad scientists' discuss emerging tech as Army releases strategy on robots

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy

U.S. Army Functional Concepts

Capabilities Information Exchange (CIE)

Army Warfighting Challenges

The Warfighters’ Science and Technology Needs

Multi-Domain Battle White Paper

US Army Tests Out New ‘Hunter,’ ‘Killer’ Multi-Domain Dune Buggies

Tactical Life

TRADOC hosts German Army for a Multi-Domain Battle Information Exchange


Army looks for Air Force to join in refining future warfare concept

Sean Kimmons


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March 20, 2017

Fourth and final: TRADOC town hall turns to Soldiers for feedback

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November 3, 2016

CSM Davenport Speaks NCO Development Town Hall 3

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May 18, 2016

Harbingers of Future War: Implications for the Army with Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

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March 16, 2016

Unified Challenge

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