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Human Dimension Concept
Problem Statement

Faced with a complex future OE, changing fiscal realities, and continuous engagement as part of unified land operations, the Army will require enhanced capabilities in the cognitive, physical, and social components of the human dimension. These capabilities are necessary for the future Army to win the clash of wills, become more expeditionary while retaining capability, and maintain overmatch over adversaries.

The Army recognizes that the American Soldier remains the most discriminately lethal force on the battlefield. In light of the future operational challenges, the Army must invest significantly in the human dimension. This investment requires a unifying, holistic vision: maximized individual and team performance through identification, development, and optimal integration of human capabilities.

Human Dimension Concept

In May of 2014, the TRADOC Commanding General approved theU.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Pamphlet (PAM) 525-3-7Opens a new tab or window, the U.S. Army Concept for the Human Dimension in FSO 2015-2024, to address the challenge of sustaining the quality of the All-Volunteer Force in an era of persistent conflict to meet the demands of ARFORGEN.

Human Dimension Definition

The cognitive, physical, and social components of a Soldier, Army Civilian, leader, and organizational development and performance essential to raise, prepare, and employ the Army in unified land operations.


States, traits, and processes that make up subjective experience, and include typical ways of problem solving, framing events in life, intelligence, and emotional self-regulation.


Traditional aspects of physical fitness and holistic health and fitness, with an approach that considers the mental and medical contributions to physical performance.


Elements that allow an Army professional to serve the Nation honorably.

Human Dimension Operational Requirements
  • Integrate and synchronize human dimension initiatives
  • Manage individual talent throughout the lifecycle
  • Provide critical and creative thinking leaders
  • Use cognitive, physical, and social assessments that measure abilities
  • Assess individual and unit readiness for the demands of common soldiering tasks
  • Accelerate learning, experience, and professional development
  • Enhance individual and unit resiliency
Human Dimension Vision, Outcomes, and Goals


Maximized individual and team performance through identification, development, and optimal integration of human capabilities.

Maximized Army Professionals

  • Accelerated ethical maturity and strengthened character
  • Improved ethical conduct
  • Accelerated inculcation of Army values
  • Expanded professional certification and credentialing
  • Increased propensity to serve
  • Increased commitment to the profession
  • Improved resource stewardship

Optimized Job Performance

  • Accelerated leader development and team building
  • Accelerated learning and experience
  • Improved cognition: attention; problem solving; knowledge and skill retention; decision-making; reasoning; learning
  • Adaptive and agile mission ready performance
  • Improved social and interpersonal interaction/competency; diversity and inclusion
  • Improved health/stamina
  • Improved cross-cultural competence
  • Improved accessions and talent utilization

Optimized Holistic Health and Fitness

  • Increased resilience and post-traumatic growth
  • Increased injury prevention
  • Reduced short and long term disability
  • Improved physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Improved physical, cognitive, and social fitness baseline
  • Improved stress management/adaptation
  • Enhanced full life cycle fitness assessment
Human Dimension Desired End State

The Army will support maximized individual and team performance through identification, development, and optimal integration of human capabilities. Soldiers are enabled by technology, cognitive, medical, and social sciences to achieve excellence in small unit competence and to dominate increasingly complex operational environment.


Human Dimension is a transformational endeavor requiring proponency to integrate Cognitive, Physical and Social (CPS) attributes across the Army.

Human Dimension Institutionalization
  • Army Human Dimension Council
  • Formation of a Human Dimension Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) within the Mission Command Center of Excellence
  • Designation of Human Dimension TRADOC Capabilities Manager (TCM-HD)
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