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2CR trains and tests Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Mobile Integrated Capability

ROSE BARRACKS, Germany – Low, slow and small is the target of the latest U.S. Army capability, the Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Mobile Integrated Capability, or CMIC, to touch down in Germany this month. “The U.S. Army has witnessed drones as a threat in theatre,” said Maj. David C. Andrews, Fires Center of Excellence, C-UAS mobile capability lead. “Our enemies are adapting, and this capability is the leading system to detect and defeat that threat.” As a System of Systems, the CMIC is a mounted non-kinetic capability that combines Electronic Warfare (EW), radar and optic capabilities to detect, identify and defeat UAS threats.

Click DVIDS to read more. | 3/23/2017

Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Strategy

FORT SILL, Okla. (Dec. 15, 2016) -- The Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) hosted its third annual Army Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Summit at Fort Sill, Dec. 6-8. The summit, which was [ Read more... ]

ARCIC | 10/25/2016

Convergence: Merging Army Networks to Reduce Complexity, Maintain Capabilities for 2025 and Beyond

Army Command Posts (CPs), which are unit headquarters where the commander and staff perform their activities, are often supported through a series of unconnected computer networks. In fact, four separate computer networks support Mission Command, Intelligence, Logistics, and Telem [ Read more... ]


Direct and integrate Capability Based Assessments to identify required capabilities, gaps and solutions. Direct and manage development of JCIDS capability documents, Force Design Updates, and DOTMLPF-P solutions to mitigate capability gaps identified by the annual Capability Needs Assessment (CNA). Provide functional oversight and integration across mission command, LandWarNet, maneuver, aviation, soldier, lethality, fires, maneuver support, protection, sustainment capability developments. Lead Organizational design and force structure solutions.

Priorities and Key Initiatives

  • Produce validated, resource informed requirements documents
  • Network Capability Review
  • Capability Portfolio Reviews (CPRs)
  • Long-Range Investment Requirements Analysis
  • Capability Visualization (Army 2025B)
  • Total Army Analysis (TAA) for informing the PPBES process
  • Capability Needs Analysis (CNA) - LEVEL III (Cross functional area) integration


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Capability Assessment and RAM Division

Assess/Prioritize/Integrate Capabilities & POM Development Develop TRADOC Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) requirements and policy

Fires Division (FD)

Performs staff management of Fires and Air Defense capabilities development across the DOTMLPF domains IAW the JCIDS and ArCP.

Force Design Division

Leads TRADOC in developing operational force design/force structure solutions; manages the "O" domain of DOTMLPF to support JCIDS and Army requirements determination processes.

LandWarNet Division (Network) (LWND)

Provides staff management to integrate & synchronize network transport & services capabilities developments supporting current & future force net-enabled ops.

Maneuver, Aviation and Soldier Division (MASD)

Joint & Army requirements. Capabilities for Maneuver and Aviation programs. Focus: BCTs, Indiv Wpns, SaaS, manned and unmanned aviation &, robotics.

Maneuver Support/Protection Division (MS/PD)

Provide staff management and synchronization of protection and Maneuver Support requirements determination and DOTMLPF capabilities developments.

Mission Command Intelligence and Cyber Division (MCICD)

Provides staff management to integrate & synchronize battle command, intelligence, biometrics and forensics requirements & capabilities.

Sustainment Division (SusD)

Performs staff management of the requirements determination process for sustainment, ground mobility, airdrop, deployment, distribution & medical capabilities.

Human Dimension Division (HDD)

Performs staff management and synchronization of Human Dimension concepts-to-capabilities development encompassing the cognitive, physical, and social components to optimize the performance of Soldiers, leaders, and teams.