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Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

Deputy Director MG Robert “Bo” Dyess’ Comments:


One of our most important duties is to think clearly about the future armed conflict and the changing character of warfare. Our vision of the future and how we anticipate the character of warfare provides the catalyst for changing our Army. Because accelerating technological change is outpacing our modernization [...]

Framework for developing the future force.

Establish a sound conceptual foundation for Army modernization.
Conduct rigorous experiments, wargames, and assessments to learn in a focused, sustained, and collaborative manner.
Focus prioritized efforts on first-order military challenges.
Deliver integrated DOTMLPF-P solutions to improve combat effectiveness of the current and future force.

ARCIC Overview Video


Army Warfighting Challenges

The Warfighters’ Science and Technology Needs

Demand Reduction White Paper

OE and the Changing Character of Future Warfare

Mad Scientist: Call for Ideas Learning 2050

Final Report: Mad Scientist Conference Visualizing ...

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy

U.S. Army Functional Concepts

Capabilities Information Exchange (CIE)

The Mad Scientist Initiative Kicking Off The Fall ...

The Integrated Joint Force: A Lethal Solution for Ensuring Military Preeminence

ADM Harry B. Harris, Jr., GEN Robert B. Brown, ADM Scott H. Swift & Dr. Richard D. Berry

No Safe Place In Next War: The Army’s Expanded Battlefield

Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr

What will it take for the Army to succeed in multi-domain battle?

Mark Pomerleau

Mad Scientist

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Installations of the Future

Base in a Box

Mission Engineering and Prototype Warfare: Operationalizing Technology Faster to Stay Ahead of the Threat

International Army Programs

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HQ TRADOC Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) ...

HQ TRADOC Foreign Liaison Officer (FLO) Professional Development visit to USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), Norfolk Naval Base, 18 June 2018. USS Lincoln is America's fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and named in honor of our nation's 16th president. It is the second ship in the U.S. Navy to bear his name.

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ANZAC Day is the most important national remembrance event for both Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC Day commemorates the Gallipoli Campaign, Australia and New Zealand's first operational commitment of the Great War that resulted in the deaths of 12,000 Australians and New Zealanders on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Each year, Australians and New Zealanders will gather for the co [ Read more... ]

Foreign Liaison Officer- 2018 FLO Spring ...

TRADOC Foreign Officer Liaison Officers participated in a professional development opportunity by visiting Association of United States Army Global Symposium and Exposition, Space Missile Defense Command, US Army Cyber CoE, and US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, during the period 26-29 March 2018.  Engagements centered on [ Read more... ]

Unified Quest

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Unified Quest 2018 Robotic and Autonomou ...

The Army Capabilities Integration Center's (ARCIC) Future Warfare Division conducted the Unified Quest 2018 Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Application Workshop from 5-9 March 2018, at Fort Eustis, Va. Participants in the event included multinational partners, leaders within ARCIC, and RAS subject matter experts from both the research and development community and the [...]

How the Army Fights IV Seminar

ARCIC hosted the How the Army Fights IV (HTAF IV) Senior Leader Seminar on Aug. 2, 2017 at Ft. Eustis, VA as part of the TRADOC Commander's Forum; all Center of Excellence Commanding Generals and Directors of Capabilities Development and Integration Directorates (CDIDs) took part in the wargame. The preparatory main learning event, the Council of Colonels seminar wargame, [...]

UQ17 Deep Future Wargame

More than 200 military and civilian experts gathered at Carlisle Barracks May 3-12 to examine the Multi-Domain Battle concept during the annual Unified Quest Deep Future Wargame. During the wargame, six working groups focused on how the Army could fight across multiple domains in the 2030-2050 timeframe as part of a joint, inter-organizational and multinational force. Usin [...]


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June 12, 2018

Army Vision

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March 28, 2018

Warriors Corner - Demand Reduction

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March 20, 2017

Fourth and final: TRADOC town hall turns to Soldiers for feedback

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November 3, 2016

CSM Davenport Speaks NCO Development Town Hall 3

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Mad Scientist Initiative - Installations of the Future

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Air Force, Army Developing Multidomain Doctrine

Rebuilding Army Acquisition for Multi-Domain Battle

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