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What does ARCIC do for the Army?
What we do for the Army

Put simply, ARCIC develops concepts and capabilities, evaluates proposed Army modernization solutions, and integrates these capabilities across DOTMLPFOpens an in-page popup. We also communicate with government, industry and Army stakeholders to ensure awareness and understanding of Army modernization priorities. These four lines of effort align to support an agile and adaptive Army that meets current, future, and unexpected requirements of the Joint Force. Learn more...

Army Capabilities Integration Center Directorates

ARCIC-FArmy Capabilities Integration Center, Forward

ARCIC Forward's mission is to represent TRADOC in the National Capital Region. Integrate Force Development and Modernization activities to ensure priorities align to provide the future force with required capabilities. Lead ARCIC strategic engagement efforts with HQDA, other Services, Office of Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, and Congress to communicate concepts and capabilities development initiatives and inform resourcing of the current and future force.

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Mr. Rickey Smith

A&IDAnalysis and Integration Directorate

The Analysis & Integration Directorate (A&ID) initiates, manages, and disseminates results of high priority studies, leads TRADOC in developing operational force design and force structure solutions, and creates prioritized lists of DOTMLPF solutions and capabilities gaps.

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Mr. Bennie Hammond

BMCBrigade Modernization Command

The Brigade Modernization Command (BMC) conducts physical integration and evaluations of the network, capability packages and other adaptive and core capabilities in order to provide DOTMLPF recommendations to the Army.

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CDLDConcept Development and Learning Directorate

The Concept Development & Learning Directorate (CDLD) integrates Army learning activities and develops the Army's vision of future conflict and the conduct of future joint land operations for the development of Army concepts, and capabilities across the DOTMLPF.

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IAPDInternational Army Programs Directorate

The International Army Programs Directorate (IAPD) manages and coordinates TRADOC international activities to synchronize the exchange of DOTMLPF information with Army Service Component Command priority countries, allies, and friends to enhance current and future operational capabilities.

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Mr. Edward Melton

RIDRequirements Integration Directorate

The Requirements Integration Directorate (RID) prioritizes, integrates, and synchronizes DOTMLPF-P capabilities developments across force modernization proponents – and across operational organizations. RID is also responsible for assessing the means of achieving a given capability with alternatives derived from different functional areas or different specific solutions. Working across organization types, the RID validates that capabilities – and the attendant requirements documentation -- address the most urgent warfighting needs within available and forecasted resources.

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